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    “The Earth is not dying - it is being killed.
    And the people who are killing it
    have names and addresses.”
    — U. Utah Phillips
    the free range activism website
    ehippies -
    electronic disturbance theater
    activists center for training in organizing and networking
    reclaimthestreets -
    information for action | anti-authoritarian resource & community a calendar of protest, meetings, and conferences is a collective that provides technology services to the radical and progressive communities
    greennet - networking for the environment, peace, human rights and development
    scan: social centre autonomous network
    e y f a - european youth forest action
    friends of grassy narrows


    peoples´ global action & action mondiale des peuples & globale aktion gegen ´frei´handel & acción global de los pueblos & ação global dos povos & azione globale dei popoli & globalnye akcii chelovechestva politik.globalisierung - the high priests of globalisation -
    transnational institute
    widerstand repression griechenland
    interhemispheric resource center
    institute for global communication - the progressive community
    the polity global transformations text-site
    focus on the global south
    action for solidarity, environment and development
    alternative information & development centre south africa
    globalisation as if people mattered
    mitbestimmung, demokratie und globalisierung
    aspekte der globalisierung
    konzeptwiki - globalisierung







    sozialforum in deutschland

    the laboratory of insurrectionary imagination


    kids one world
    international society of political psychology's
    g8 ?
    kulturen in bewegung
    interkulturelles forum
    iabolish freedom action network
    the anti slavery portal news -
    black mesa indigenous support
    the friends of peoples close to nature, tribal world. -
    a campaign committed to assisting the prosecution of high ranking public officials and companies accused of crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide and torturety -
    resistance is the secret to joy
    aktion roma - hilfe gegen abschiebung und diskriminierung


    radio lora 97,5
    oriah mountain dreamer

    radio rabe 95,6




    worldwide organisation supporting tribal peoples. it stands for their right to decide their own future and helps them protect their lives, lands and human rights
    european social forum
    'papa', was ist denn das,
    politik, kultur und umwelt in lateinamerika
    globalisierung von unten
    globalisierung und internationalisierung
    globalisierung als ende des national- bzw. sozialstaats? -
    des kaisers neue kleider
    wir lassen uns nicht mehr anlügen! -
    trade policy globalization economic justice ftaa wto imf world bank.....



    children's rights across the world
    für die rücknahme der vorbehaltserklärung der brd gegen die un-kinderrechtekonvention.
    gewalt gegen kinder - kinderarbeit
    schule ist der beste arbeitsplatz
    flüchtlingskinder libanon
    arch - un convention on the rights of the child
    war is not the answer!
    honduran government complicit in the murder of street children
    making life a two-way street - photo essay and audio by janet jarman
    armut abschaffen!
    make poverty history
    committee for the abolition of the third world debt
    war on want fights poverty



    give a hand to free tibet
    tibet und menschenrechte
    revolutionary china: 1949-76
    internet guide for chinese studies
    dispatches -- report from the people's war in nepal
    nepal trade union








    aboriginal intelligence
    pariah - people against racism in aboriginal homelands
    indigenous australian
    action for aboriginal rights
    australia's journal of political character assassination
    cave clan australia
    australian institute of aboriginal - - stuff for social change -
    the stolen generations
    people against racism in aboriginal homelands
    maori independence site
    free papua movement
    east asian radical activism resource is a community-based social justice organization of working class and poor south asian immigrants and immigrant detainees and their families in new york city.
    south asia research institute
    alcan't in india
    out of
    haiti: revolutionary war 1791 - 1803


    the indonesia
    human rights campaign

    indonesia corruption watch

    watch indonesia

    youth action for global justice
    physicians for human rights
    center for economic and social rights
    institute of social history
    int. helsinki federation for human rights
    int. federation of human rights
    the progressive community
    flüchtlingsinfo berlin - no border - no nation


    focus on the global south
    globalisierung und gerechtigkeit
    the global idp project of the norwegian refugee council

    collusion = staatliche auftragsmorde


    irland :
    wo sich christen
    die schädel einschlagen
    geschichte irlands bis 1921
    lösungen für nordirland? - justice for the forgotten
    dublin grassroots network
    history of british soldiers in ireland
    the irish poetry page
    the pat finucane centre
    irlandinitiative heidelberg
    index to the struggle collection of struggles in ireland
    index of irish anarchist resources
    irisches totenbuch -
    northern ireland, works to end british occupation irland -
    irish political prisoners information



    scotland indymedia
    british party election manifestos since 1945
    the really big blockade - faslane, scottland, 22th april 2003
    revolutionary platform of
    parliament protest
    resist the police state!
    campaign against criminalising communities
    arch group - campaign for children's rights
    the free weekly direct action

    newsheet from brighton
    bournbrook nursery social centre birmingham
    direct action against apathy
    campaign against criminalising communities

    libertarian community and organising resource for britain


    tactical media crew


    de.wikipedia - batasuna
    juko - zum problem des eta-links /
    sobre el problema del enlace a eta
    "euskal presoak euskal herrira!" der kampf der baskischen politischen gefangenen
    indymedia euskal herria - euskara - baskenland



    net mapu
    ila lateinamerika
    indigenous peoples solidarity movement
    die rechte indigener völker müssen anerkannt werden.
    solidarity with the people of el salvador
    the council on hemispheric affairs
    people's war in peru
    focus on bolivia
    forschungs- und dokumentationszentrum chile-lateinamerika - chiletage 2003
    radio cerronavia


    die erklärung von bern (evb)
    radio lora 97,5 - radio rabe 95,6 - globalised resistance
    bewegung für den sozialismus
    revolutionärer aufbau schweiz
    elfriede jelinek
    „reclaim the hauptplatz“
    club of vienna


    kavkaz-center ( - is chechen independent international islamic internet agency
    civil resistance of ukraine


    int. federation of iranian refugees
    political alliance of the iranian left
    green party of iran
    iranian revolutionary socialists


    southafrica.indymedia - enough is enough
    zimbrischen homepage :
    afrika for the afrikans!
    anticapkenya - africa reparations movement kamerun
    africa action


    informationsstelle kurdistan
    kurdish human rights project
    azadi rechtshilfefonds -
    2000 terrorbericht.pdf
    human rights association of turkey
    info-ist network
    armenian weekly
    the canada-colombia solidarity campaign
    colombia human rights network colombia 3


    ein anderes europa ist möglich



    working group indigenous peoples' issues
    die seattle deklaration der indigenen völker


    indigenous resistance

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