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pignation's or piggygerman too

mr.fucking bush, mr. fucking blair, ..., my name is udo gesterkamp, i am a german girl
and i will that your military out of germany !!! ( hurry up !!! and piss off!!!)
i am not usama bin laden, i am no militant, but i hate you too and wish you
and your children the hell of earth in your personal life.

 petition by physicists on nuclear weapons policy 


amigo   build > your > arien > empire's in > peace       for your asshole

peace now
  • bushigo to hell and have a meeting with the winner osama bin laden and present him the american asshole

  • native americans

  • back

  • usa out!
    no holiday in the usa !
    bush is a warmonger terrorist and the neighbours are killers !

    nobody like you, everybody hate you!!!
    (germany are no better!)

    the american way of life


    want out?

    we’re here to help out.

    the military death toll while enforcing the occupation of iraq:
    a weekly data sheet of us-uk military fatalities

    in iraq, the us does eliminate those who dare to count the dead by naomi klein

    war casualties - advanced search for your death daughter or son

    one army

    ever wonder what 2,000 dead soldiers look like

    we will not be silenced

    refusing to kill

    imagine this


    national lawyers guild condemns verdict in lynne stewart trial

    anwältin eines topterroristen verurteilt

    the power of nightmares -

    part I : baby it’s cold outside

    part II : the phantom victory

    part III : the shadows in the cave

    kc direct action network

    google usgov


    ramsay clark
    war unter lyndon b. johnson justizminister der usa, wurde danach zum scharfen kritiker der us-politik im innern und äußeren und gründete 1993 zusammen mit anderen politischen aktivisten das international action center - criticize ramsey clark
    artikel unserer serie über ramsey clark...
    international action center - san francisco
    trans-arab research institute rukus
    target america
    american society for ethics in education
    the ruckus society
    federation of american scientists
    school of the americas watch
    student environmental action coalition
    spaces skill sharing directory
    the buckfush directory
    san francisco bay area progressive directory


    the thing

    things will change, they always do.


    watch this!

    theatre of the


    goes to washington

    drums & demonstrations

    pom poms not bomb bombs

    utah radical cheerleader groups


    dahrjamailiraq weblog
    the head heeb
    ali schirasi
    indypeer news blog
    propagandamatrix blog
    the memory
    anarcho-syndicalist blogspot
    american leftist
    to the barricades
    rox populi
    birdhouse blog
    un fair witness
    the american errorist
    rigorous intuition
    rhino's blog
    radical dada radio

    "dada soulève tout"
    downingstreet memo blog
    campaign to
    stop killer coke


    refuse & resist!



    arm the spirit, for revolutionary resistance!, autonomist/antiimperialist resource
    bill of rights defense committee
    the national security archive -
    securing human rights
    a calendar of protest
    jay's leftist and 'progressive' internet resources
    democracy university
    esr's conservative site of the day






    police state III: total enslavement

    haft für den antimilitaristen nick netzler
    freiheit für jonathan ben-artzi!
    die geheimen gefangenen der usa
    katharine gun
    free juanra !!
    rettet benny wenda!
    die geschichte der schwedischen und uruguayischen jungs, die in uruguay festgenommen und verhaftet wurden.
    dr. rafil a. dhafir
    leonard peltier: political prisoner -
    boston area leonard peltier support group - council for native american solidarity
    international vips for peltier forum
    biography: phuntsog nyidron
    free jose luis, now!
    free american political prisoner robert "seth" hayes! -
    freiheit für mumial abu jamal ! - free mumia abu-jamal!
    mumia activism & news
    history giving rise to the coalition for a public inquiry into the death of dudley george
    dedicated environmental activist & political prisoner! - jeffrey luers
    free critter
    tre arrow



    sanction and boycott usa
    varianten des amerikanischen planetarismus

    das amerikanische jahrtausend
    pax americana: grenzenlos - schrankenlos -skrupellos
    ami go home
    wikipedia usa
    bushs rede zur lage der nation: kriegsfieber und krise der herrschenden
    wer ist antiamerikanisch? ("ich" udog)
    repressionen gegen fortschrittliche kraefte haben in den usa eine lange tradition
    menetekel usa
    neokonservatismus in den usa
    search and organize
    national institutes of health (nih)

    the icarus project

    animal liberation


    dc action medical network
    sierraclub biotech
    monsanto vs. us farmers (pdf)
















    earth liberation prisoners
    campaign against criminalising communities -
    the free expression project
    end migrant and refugee detention - earth liberation prisoners
    prison watch international
    the missouri prisoners labor union
    end the prison industrial complex - guantanamo human rights commission
    pennsylvania abolitionists united against death penalty
    florida death row advocacy group
    floridians for alternatives to the death penalty
    citizens united for alternatives to the death penalty
    campaign against slavery in british prisons



    the institute for policy studies

    mexico and the school of the americas

  - german
    saturn, die usa und die uno
    gotteskrieger und ihr terrorkrieg
    ein weg zu den drahtziehern der wtc-katastrophe
    der us-terroranschlag und
    die weltverschwörungs mythenbildung: kettenlügen in kettenmails
    american-arab anti-discrimination committee



    professor carlos aguirre
    internet resources on  
    latin american revolutions  
    and revolutionary movements

    statewatch: monitoring civil liberties in the eu


    fbi watch

    the cia: a brief history

    americas watch

    kissinger watch
    a nobel prize without peace
    henry kissinger bloody hands -
    latin america solidarity coalition
    human rights watch world report 2001
    national network for immigrant and refugee rights
    coalition for humane immigrant rights of los angeles
    immigration lawyers

    fuck you minutemen
    wie faschistisch sind die usa?




      eat the press letters by kirsten anderberg's articles  

    poverty planet press

    indybay poverty

    drop the debt

    the anti-poverty committee

    ontario coalition against poverty



    a video activist collective

  - alternative media
    between the lines
    press freedom online
    salon chingon
    finding clarity in the 21st century mediaplex!
    earthfilms - newvideos
    organic chaos network
    the transmissor
    alternative information
    radical urban theory
    independent press association







    the fbi's ten most wanted fugitives
    mad anarchist bakers league -
    das fbi (cointelpro) -
    und die bekämpfung sozialer und politischer bewegungen in den 60er jahren

    final report of the independent counsel for iran/contra matters - the return of cointelpro: fbi launches nationwide surveillance of activists ahead of gop convention
    u.s. intelligence - cia operations
    the literature of intelligence: a bibliography of materials, with essays, reviews, and comments.
    non violence international


    parental advisory - censorship pizza


    free speech radio news
    this is hell
    jeff rense program -
    on nationwide radio and internet -
    a free speech, alternative radio network -
    join the revolution! -
    90.7, pacifica, public free speech radio -
    community radio -
    a national, listener-sponsored public radio and tv show, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the country
    partytown streaming network


    the society of control

    the conspiracy
    viva osama !

    lateinamerikas linke/
    latin americans leftist
    und ihr feindbild usa/
    and his enemyvision of usa

    kill the cop in your head!
    the struggle against fascism begins
    with the struggle against left-wing white supremacy!


    urban legends reference pages

    tactical media network
    centre of media alternatives
    union solidarity slideshows



    malcolm x : a research site - malcolm x - leben, kampf und ideen eines revolutionärs
    malcolm x
    cold truth, liberating truth - a pamphlet about the oppression of black people in the u.s.
    black youth and the criminalization of a generation
    towards a black liberation agenda for the 21st century
    black power -
    the black people's prison survival guide
    association for the advancement of colored people




    greensboro sit-ins:
    launch of a civil rights movement


    i have a dream
    spartacus usa slavery
    us hiddenslaves report
    global slavery (pdf/de)
    debt bondage - slavery around the world
    kinderhandel in westafrika (.zip) - anti-slavery international

  - ckut 90.3 fm


    network of indigenous, peasant, and grassroots organizations in the americas united in the struggle for peace and human rights


    shielded from justice: police brutality and accountability in the united states
    repression and police dog abuse -
    center for economic and policy research


    dark alliance. the story behind the crack explosion




    the radicalendar

    calendar of peace and social justice events

    illinois student environmental action coalition events

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