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pignation's or piggygerman too

mr.fucking bush, mr. fucking blair, ..., my name is udo gesterkamp, i am a german girl
and i will that your military out of germany !!! ( hurry up !!! and piss off!!!)
i am not usama bin laden, i am no militant, but i hate you too and wish you
and your children the hell of earth in your personal life.

 petition by physicists on nuclear weapons policy 


 native americans





united american indians of new england -
dineh relocation resistance
shundahai network "peace and harmony with all creation"
alliance of indian and non-indian groups -
western shoshone defense project -
hudson mohawk independent media center
a barefoot connection -
resources for indigenous cultures around the world

the nihewan foundation -
for native american education -
the word "nihewan" comes from the cree language and means "talk cree" which implies "be your culture".
native american indian art,culture,education, history science
native american authors online
native american resources on the internet
umatilla indian reservation


akwesasne notes



first nations
issues of consequence - nativ association -
asnai - indianerlinks -
native amerikan's -
shuswap-indianer in britisch kolumbien :
shuswap besetzen ihr eigenes land erneut
kola is a grassroots human rights organization
dakota-lakota-nakota human rights advocacy coalition
prairie band potawatomi nation

the radicalendar

calendar of peace and social justice events

illinois student environmental action coalition events

theopenunderground udog ulinuz nurse war kapital sekten

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